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According to philosophers the essence of humanity is formed through history and spirituality.

The expression of human beliefs has evolved through time and of course style has also changed. The caves have been abandoned for a long time. The roman fortified churches made way for the gothic cathedrals, as well as the extravagant baroque style.

A number of books have been dedicated to the sacred art and these hotographs are just a wee sample.
We start our journey with a picture of the Auch cathedral in France that will then take us to the modern Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Pisa, Firenze, the majestic Minster in York the Monestir de Poblet in Spain and which will end with a roman chapel in the south of France.

All of these photographs are in colour to allow us to grasp the subtleties of the architecture : the warmth of the stone in the roman churches, which were often painted, the changing delicate tones of the italian marble, the filtered light through the stained glass windows of the cathedrals and the pure and simple beauty of the churches in the British Isles and Ireland.